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DSM (Don't Shoot Me) Safety Banner LE
DSM Safety Banner

DSM Safety Banner LE
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Saving Lives - One Critical Incident at a Time

Products for Law Enforcement
Here's a new innovative and just caveman simple way to identify non-uniformed officers involved in critical situations, to responding uniformed officers.  It doesn't rely on batteries, satellites, ebbs and flow of the tides doesn't affect it.... it is truly a KISS (KEEP IT SIMPLE, know the rest) product. 
It's always a sad day when we lose one of our own, but when it is a blue on blue we have two casualties one physical and one psychological.  Our company just recently released this new officer safety equipment at TREXPO West (POLICE Magazine trade show) and received a "Best of Show Award" for most innovative officer safety product.  Our studies have show that we lose an officer to a blue on blue incident approx. every thirteen to eighteen months somewhere in the U.S.  Based on this knowledge we designed an effective way of identifying plainclothes officers 360 degrees during a critical incident.  We are currently in the process of outfitting two elite detective units in LAPD and a few other smaller departments.  Several individual purchases around the country, have been made from local police officers to Dept. of Homeland Security officers. 
The DSM Banner (patent pending) is a revolutionary, innovative, soon to be nationally recognized safety product designed to assist in identifying non-uniformed officers involved in a critical situation, giving the involved non-uniformed officer 360 degrees of visible, reflective identification, preventing tragic events associated with friendly fire of blue on blue shootings.  The DSM Safety Banner is currently the only officer safety product that is carried on your belt and utilizes one hand (support) deployment that give 360 degree visual identification.
DSM Safety Products Policy:
The DSM Safety Banner will only be shipped to qualifying Law Enforcement,
Concealed Carry Permit Holders and Liscensed Security Company Employees (Id Required).
Departmental Id or Departmental Letter Head Is Required Before Shipment


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