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Taser C2 with Laser
Taser International

Retail Price:  $349.99
Your price:  $319.00

TASER® International has created the next generation in personal protection. The TASER® C2 utilizes technology to maximize public safety and minimize the potential for misuse. The TASER C2 cartridge has the unique Anti-Felon Identification tags (AFID) that disperse after a TASER Cartridge is deployed, helping the police to recognize the owner of the TASER, which has proved successful in deterring criminal use in the past 13 years. TASER® C2 has a new consumer-friendly design eliminating many high-end professional features such as dataport management, digital displays, and the TASER CAM interface, enabling the TASER C2 to be available at a lower cost. Black With laser site #AT31010 Retail $349.99 Product will ship 1st week in May 2007

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