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5-5-14: Kevin, thank you for your class. Marlene and I are using the techniques you taught us in class. We feel more aware and now can avoid a confrontation before it starts and (with practice and continued training ) we will not be a victim. Thank you so very much. Dean & Marlene P.

11-12-14: This is a good instructor with experience and clearly understands the concepts. The This will not teach you how to shoot for precision, but for defensive purposes. This instructor has advanced classes beyond the CCW class for handling situations better than the "minimum requirements" for obtaining you CCW permit. Also expect a lot of information to be given to you over a relatively short period of time. Get the reading material recommended if you have limited training in a CCW capacity as the laws are extensive. Also, read the material that will be sent to you ahead of the scheduled class.  C.Capp

10-26-14: Friendly knowledgeable instructor provides strong legal background on NV CCW. Provides scenarios to help you think ahead. His focus is to 1. Keep you alive 2. Avoid the need to use your weapon unless there's no other option. Excellent course. Sam C. 

10-28-14: Sign up immediately, then thoroughly read and follow all instructions sent via e-mail from Arms To Bear. "Kevin" is professional, patient, informative and BEST OF ALL, he is NOT boastful about himself, he is NOT a "John-Wayne-Wanna-Be", and he offers other classes and items, but does NOT push sales! Happy we finally went to Arms To Bear to get our Nevada, Utah (which is accepted in Washington), and Oregon CCW Training/Qualification Certification. Allen H.

10-9-12: There is a lot of information to process but Kevin was very patient and addressed everyone's questions before moving on. Paula K.

10-9-12: The class was presented in an organized fashion using verbal instruction, video presentations and actual firearm use, care and safety. I felt confident that i understood all laws pertaining to use and abuse of a weapon and would not hesitate to take more advanced classes with Arms To Bear, whose knowledge and attitude and shared experiences made what could have been a grueling 8 hours, very interesting. Steve B.

10-5-12:  Hi Kevin, I thoroughly enjoyed your training on Saturday.  You really did a good job at explaining the drills as we went through them.  There was a lot of information in a short period of time and I appreciate the way you presented it.  I also really liked the way you gradually raised the stress level for different drills. I am really looking forward to future training with you. Doug B. 

9-25-12: Kevin is extremely knowledgeable and a very skilled educator. I was so impressed that I have purchased another course from his company. I would absolutely recommend this experience. Marissa T.

9-14-12: It was an excellent class, very informative, and the instructor, Kevin, made sure that all involved were in safe conditions and oversaw all of us every step of the way. You can tell he does know his business and its all about educating us on gun handling, safety, and awareness. I would highly recommend them. Maggie S.

9-18-12: The course instructor was excellent. He was very detailed and demonstrated his dedication to conveying his knowledge and expertise to all course participants.

9-21-12: Kevin is an incredible, dedicated and knowledgeable instructor. I will definitely take more classes at Arms to Bear and refer my friends to them as well. Bela H.

9-21-12: Kevin was very professional and thorough. Came away from the CCW class well informed and FULL of new information. I would gladly refer 'Arms to Bear' to my friends. Thank you Kevin, for your dedication in preparing us for a safer future. We will see you again! CJ

9-5-12: Instructor was extremely knowledgeable, eager to help you improve and prepare for real life situations. Sam A.

9-2-12: What a great introduction to "bearing arms" I am impressed by the demeanor and qualifications of Kevin. I will definately refer anyone I know who is interested and take further classes at "arms to bear". Michelle S.

9-1-12: This class was well taught and the instructors were excellent!

9-1-12: Knowledgeable, well-run class. Looking forward to increasing my knowledge in safety awareness and gun-handling! Thanks Kevin!

9-2-12: Great class! You were accurate and patient with your training, and more than willing to take extra time to help those who were less experienced. Thank you! James W.

 6-9-12: Yesterday's CCW class was excellent! We learned so much and had the best time. Thank you again for such a wonderful and informative day! We would like to have more instruction. Susan H.

5-13-12: Kevin, Great (Advanced Defensive Handgun One) class Saturday, first of this type for me. I hope to improve on the skills you taught us and would be interested down the road to attend more of your classes. Thanks Ron H.

Kevin, thank you so much for the class on April 26, 2012. The information and processes you showed us will no doubt prove useful in the life I am going to lead as an informed and armed citizen. Thank you for your patience and guidance and I look forward to working with you in the future. Troy C

This was a life changing experience and Kevin Roth was an awesome educator! Will refer him to everyone who needs to be educated about firearms! Worth full price, so....fortunate to get it for $38.00 from Living Social. Thanks Kevin!! 2012-03-25

Very informative, I learned a lot about the laws that I did not know before today's class. Safety was a huge concern for me, and I felt very confident with your instruction. Liked the hands on learning, Very professional. Cheryl P

Great class! Very nice and knowledgeable instructor. Cicclie E.

It was a great class, Kevin and Joe are both great. Michael K.

Kevin was great and is a wonderful instructor! Bob R.

We got more than a "Bang" for our Living Social Bucks! This class was perfectly suited for our needs. I recommend this class to everyone and anyone who owns a weapon, plans on owning a weapon, and the rest of the world that needs a true understanding of weapons, self protection, and the laws. -- Kevin, the instructor, is hands-down, the best instructor I've ever had. He knows his topic and teaches it well. His teaching made me "want" to learn...and, I did! I will take this class again as there is so much information to grasp. * * * * * Thank you for this Living Social Deal! Lilia D.

Great class! Very nice and knowledgeable instructors. Terra V.

Great class! Was very happy with this and it kept me from putting it off any longer.Paul N.

I went to Arms to Bear without any knowledge about firearms...and I left qualified to to get a NV and UT CCW. I never would have thought it was possible for me to get a CCW. Dan M.

Kevin was great and I will recommend him to anyone who needs a CCW or classes in handling a firearm. Bob R.

Great info Kevin knows his guns laws tactics n training. Pat U.

This was a great training class! Thanks Kevin!

Kevin was great...clear, patient, and friendly. Wil L.

Instructor was very knowledgeable. good class. Susan W.

FANTASTIC experience! Lots of people attended! Kevin and Noel were OUTSTANDING! I've been to other classes like this and Arms To Bear was excellent and far more comprehensive than the others! Thanks for offering this! I would go again if they offered some of their other classes in the Vancouver/Portland area. Nancy H.

The presentation imparted exactly the information I expected. Registration process could be smoother, but overall it was great. Edward T.

Very informative and nice people. it was a great deal for the price and I will go back to take other classes. William C.

Kevin and Noel were incredibly helpful, knowledgeable and professional instructors! Dorothy D.

Lots of great information, they had a great dynamic, kind of like the odd couple, with Kevin the serious instructor, and Noel the comic relief. Even Noel was very knowledgeable and serious when appropriate. Dan F.

Instructors were great (Kevin & Noel)! Very informative. I would definitely recommend this class! Tom G.

I especially liked the fact that the presenters were not gung-ho for gun ownership. They stressed repeatedly that if a person was not comfortable with shooting another human being, then they should not own a gun. Other options are available. I appreciated that balance. Randy E.

Very informational, professional, and worth the money. Ed S.

They were fantastic! Great people and great information! What a great bargain! Thanks! Rob V.

This was a great class that taught me a lot about safety. I like all of the facts about the Utah and Nevada laws. Yara P.

This was a good class. It included comprehensive review of the laws and safety issues and a physiological perspective on owning and carrying guns. I especially liked the training on the firing range. Now I know what to work on. Herman P.

Loved the class and all the applicable tips & techniques which may come in handy some day. All the instruction was clear and understandable. A great refresher. Liked the range work & practice tips & exercises. Cory S.

Answered all my questions. Didn't seem to get annoyed or impatient. Seemed to care that I had a true understanding of the course. Would like to have seen a vending machine. Patty S.

Great class. Will consider travel for additional classes. Liked range drills. Introduction to defensive firearms drills and ideas for improvement. Judy H.

Good balance of hands on live fire drills and legal aspect discussion. Great that class is offered on weekdays. Very hands on great instruction and real world tips. Tim M.

Kevin was very detailed in the information presented. I can see myself taking future courses here. Johnnie M.

Everything was understandable and explained well. Liked the way everything was explained, the tactics training was great.

Good class, learned new things. Liked the personal attention, respectful consideration to my wife who has never handled or fired a pistol before. Mark P.

Thank you. Liked the safe handling. The personal attention and the patience. Lane R.

Very good class. Liked range/teaching techniques and dedication to teaching the kids & women correctly. Bob T.

Real up to date tactics, professional. Good range scenarios. Suggest live video at range so areas of concern can be visually seen. Philip M.

I liked how you touched on even the basics thru the more detailed stuff. It was well rounded. Casey B.

Very thorough and precise. Good use of repartition. Great attitude-very clear w/information. Sheila L.

Great Great class, much better than my original class at another place. Very informative trainer, taught much more than basic firearms. Liked the tactical training, patient individual instructions. Mary E.

Very good class, very informative on all aspects. The best class I have ever attended on gun safety and usage. Liked the tactical gun usage. Michael D.

Good class, a lot of good information, best class I have taken. Nick B

Great class, thank you. Erika S

Thanks Kevin, truly enjoyable class, very informative. I knew I would get a lot out of this class but got so much more. Penny L

Kevin, you were professional and dedicated in your training. You remained focused and your class presentation was clear. You've stayed active and aware or current trends in law enforcement training. Liked the Lasershot scenarios, range training-time allowed to train those less familiar with firearms. R. L.

 Great class. Very thorough. Learned more than expected. Mike S.

Great class. Personal coaching, very informative class, liked their websites. Tim L

Great class. Learned way more than I thought I would. Very helpful. Very thorough, Individual instruction. Jim K

Great class. Extra info that was included was fantastic. Liked the situational drills. Bob E.

Excellent class; Great balance of Field & Classroom. Field was more than "Hit The Target". Rich M

I was fortunate enough to take Kevin's CCW class last weekend during stellar weather conditions for the Reno/Sparks area. Kevin was wearing a polo shirt at the range to give you an idea how warm and still is was, perfect training weather. I was very impressed with Kevin's professionalism. Qualifying with your handgun takes the least time, that is if you are familiar with shooting it. The tactical maneuvers Kevin set up were really educational and a great way to not only become more advanced in your skill level but a fun and positive way to work at each tactical scenario. I was amazed how much I learned and could take back with me to practice with. There was no down time. Every minute was utilized to it's maximum potential.  The dvd action & classroom lecture portion of Kevin's class was as interesting as it was educational. The legal and liability dvd kept me focused on the large monitor screen. After all, how often does one get to watch and listen to district attorney's discuss justifiable homicide in detail? Another wake up call was actual footage of inmates in prison discussing how they fear the public when the public is well armed and well trained. None of the residential burglars wanted to go into any house where they knew the occupants were home and had firearms.  It's amazing how much knowledge, training, and skill one can learn in 8 hours by taking Kevin's CCW class. Myself, I'm going back for more advanced training in the coming months. The value is obvious and Kevin is one of the most proficient firearms educators in the state of Nevada. Perhaps what really capped off a perfect experience in handgun training was when I went to the Washoe County Sheriff's Office to register for my Nevada State CCW license. The personnel working at the office are very courteous and helpful. If you are from California it will be like a night and day experience in comparison to many counties in CA. It's a real eye opener how friendly Nevada makes you feel when applying for your CCW permit. My license processor told me I was lucky to have Kevin as my teacher and I agreed without hesitation. Jack L.

I learned a lot about firearm safety, handling and self defense techniques that I would have not otherwise learned. Kevin is very experienced, knowledgeable and a patient instructor. I would like to come back  for more classes. I really liked the amount of time spent on the range. I also liked the video and discussions concerning the use of deadly force. William R.

Best class I have attended. The practical range training of real world type situations was awesome and very eye opening. Stephen N.

It was a great class, no pressure applied to hurry up. Instructors encouraging and very helpful. Liked learning how to clear malfunctions.

Great class, looking forward to future instruction with Arms To Bear. Likes the instruction, pointers and a lot of information. Jesse M.

Fun and great class. Liked learning about guns, laws and techniques. Jeff M.

Everything was great. Wayne O.

Extremely thorough and way above expectations. Clear and concise and individualized instructions. Movies were excellent too. Judy C.

I thought Kevin was a very good instructor. His class was extremely instructional. Very knowledgeable of the fundamentals, laws and types of guns. Bobby B.

Great class. Good info. Dan T.

Very well presented and informative. Liked the range training. Norm C.

Learned a lot, Kevin didn't talk down and made me feel comfortable. He has a lot of knowledge and I will be recommending this class to others. John A.

This class is informative and fun. Kevin combines seriousness and humor while teaching safety and proper handling of handguns. He explains laws well and takes time with individuals. I have no complaints and would take more classes from Arms To Bear. Alexandria C.

Kevin as an instructor is very knowledgeable with hands on experience. Charles P.

I felt this class was very informative & complete, covering many different areas that I did not even think would be covered. Kevin, my instructor was friendly, respectful and knowledgeable. I felt the coverage was complete and I will return to take other classes here. Eric H.

Enjoyed the class, Instructor was very personable. Appeared to care that students understood the correct concepts and instructions. Larry H.

Great information, Enjoyed everything, will definitely take another course. Had fun and a great time. Randolf H.

Great Course, information videos and Instructor. Liked learning the proper way to use a weapon during a home invasion. Bill P.

Got tired in pm during video, excellent video though on use of force. The shooting was good to review and get more comfortable with gun in hand. Good instruction- easy to follow and understand. Michaele B.

Great class. Great information. Conducted very professionally. Very useful techniques. I really enjoyed learning by doing it, it is more effective. I liked the field range training very much. Different scenarios and how we should react are very helpful. I feel much more confident after this training class. Thank you Kevin for doing such a great job! Yiwen Z.

Enjoyed class. Good instruction-individual attention. Colleen B.

The one-on-one training was great. Kevin was very knowledgeable and answered all questions. Deb P.

Good class. Liked having all my questions answered. Liked learning all the tactics and movement. Keith P.

Great class. Kevin did an excellent job, passed on great information and the range work was the most fun I have ever had shooting a pistol while being so very informative. I learned a lot and will use Kevin again. Jim s.

Excellent instruction. Very informative. Lots of information. I liked the hands on training. Kevin was very interactive and positive. A very good teacher. I learned a lot and will use him in the future. Ted T.

Excellent class. Really liked the field work. Richard C.

I was very impressed with Kevin's instructions and training. He is very helpful and I will definitely attend another training class. I enjoyed the entire class. Kevin you are very informative and a great trainer. I wouldn't change anything, the class was great. Kevin don't retire from training, you are great. William R.

Class was very informational & exceeded what I was expecting this course to be. Mike J.

Class was very good, how all ccw classes should be done. Clarence B.

I learned valuable items: i.e.; new techniques, how to stay calm. Thank you for taking the extra time to help me improve my abilities. Liked the personalization to each of our needs. Chanin M.

Outstanding job, learned many new things, liked everything and all the activities. Randy M.

Accomplished everything I wanted from the course and more. Put a portion of Law Enforcement style training into the live scenarios. Brandon M.

Excellent tactical drills. Mike H.

Good training, really got me thinking. I realize now that I need more practice and training. Kim G.

Job well done. liked the range work, active scenarios, instructor's confidence was inspiring. Cate P.

A good class to have for new ccw applicant. It covered substantial training on what is required to carry a concealed firearm. It also provided better insight on your needs of having a ccw. Liked the practical training in using your ccw firearm in various situations and better use of your firearms. Ruben L.

The class was very good. A lot of things were introduced in class which people could use in self defense scenarios and whether your action was justified or not. Really liked the practical shooting with live fire practical and relevant scenarios. Dio P.

This course was a great learning experience and I think every person who owns a firearm should be required to take it as a minimum. Learning some basic tactical maneuvers was critical. Jeff S.

Very through training for a renewal class. Not only skills training, but practical live fire scenarios, made this more than "Just A Renewal Formality".  Lisa C.

Hi Kevin, I just wanted to thank you for leading our session on security issues at our annual Church Convention meeting. People were helped by the information you provided. In his grip, T.B.

The tactical training and the help on how to properly grip the gun helped out a lot. Class was great, learned a lot of helpful information that will help me in the future. I will recommend this class too many people. A++ course. Matthew S.

Pistol training at the range was great. The teaching on Justification of the Use Of Deadly Force was excellent. I enjoyed the course. I appreciate the way the Instructor shows students respect. Rafael F.

I took a private class with Kevin.....was the best decision I could have made. The classroom training was thorough and the range training was OUTSTANDING. Kevin's training techniques make you think and really learn the skills necessary to safely and accurately handle a firearm. Bottom line - if you are looking for the best and most complete firearms training in Reno - contact Arms to Bear. End of Story!   Fred W.

I took Mr. Roth's ccw permit class and I was absolutely amazed. Not only was his level of shooting knowledge exceptional (as well as being knowledgeable and attentive enough to correct bad shooting habits), but his safety instruction while on the range was impressive. I went out for a quad ride recently, across the freeway from Cabala's and as I approached my truck returning from my ride I witnessed a ccw class in progress not 30 feet from my truck. I stopped to watch for about 20 minutes and could not believe what I witnessed. The shooters on the line were not cautious of muzzle direction and some of the shooters on the firing line had their fingers on the trigger while waiting to fire. I was praying everyone went home with their toes intact. Mr. Roth does not take any chances with gun safety and I feel confident that his firearm instruction will guide me to safely protecting my family. I would recommend this class for any individual who wants great firearm instruction. Protect your rights. God bless America and the 2nd Amendment. Thank Again Kevin! Jason

I took the CCW class last Saturday (9-13-09) and found it to be very professional, fun and informative. Kevin really knows what he is talking about and has all the answers you would ever want to know. I highly recommend him and this class. Lance P.

Thank you Kevin. The CCW class I took was very good and I just received my CCW. Good job and you teach a very good class keep up the good work ( MGySgt White US Marine Corp). Again, Thank you.

The class for Lori's CCW was exceptional; along with the range and firearms training. Len's experience with Kevin at the range was exceptional also for his retired law enforcement carry permit. Kevin is a wealth of knowledge and experience; which he imparts with clarity and the experience he obviously has through his years of learning and training. Lori and I highly recommend the use of Kevin's Arms to Bear courses for experienced and in-experienced shooters!

Keep up the good work keep fighting to defend the right that so many want to take away from us as American citizens. Thanks, Michael

Good course, thorough knowledge of laws and materials. Great job. Mike L. (USN PILOT)

Overall good use of time. Great discussion regarding civil and criminal law.  Thanks, Mike (USN Pilot)

Excellent instruction. Can't never be enough scenario training which was conducted & organized very well. Stephen L. (USN Pilot)

9-28-15: Great job. Would have liked to talk a little more about concealment techniques. I realize Time is an issue. All and all very valuable training. Kevin L. (USN Pilot)

9-28-15: If you need to take a CCW class, Kevin at Arms To Bear will give you more than your moneys' worth. Even a "kind of old� shooter like me learned lots of new stuff, and none of it boring. Kevin is the only guy who ever inspired me to clean my gun! I couldn't wait to get home and clean out the gunk! My husband thinks Kevin sent home an alien body double instead of me, because I've hated that chore for thirty years! The CCW class was thorough and professional the whole way through. Thank you, Kevin. Margret S.

10-1-15: Kevin, I can't thank you enough, you as a range master, ccw teacher are awesome, very clear, and to the point, I learned a lot, despite the fact the site off on the .40 cal., when you said let me see that for a second, and hit the target right on the X twice with the site off, your BAD!!! And that's why you do what you do!!! And I will be back for training one on one with you on my .40 cal. Thanks again!! Rich

10-1-15: Finally got the rifle today from my FFL, installed a rail and forearm
grip on it. Looks WAY better in person than the pictures. Pictures can't
do it justice. Thanks for everything. Kenny G.

10-1-15: Kevin, I picked-up the replacement rifle yesterday.
Received one rifle, two magazines and one muzzle brake. Thank you.
I believe you must have a very satisfied customer base.

10-12-15: It's really been a pleasure doing business with you. Tony E.

7-2-2015: Kevin, I wanted to thank you for an excellent class Monday & Tuesday. Things have changed since I last took training and the newer rules make more sense to me. I thought you did a professional & informative presentation augmented with video & slide presentation. I have recommended your class to several of my friends who seem genuinely interested. Thanks again, P.S. The truck/trailer was amazing. Brad B.

10-15-15: Good Morning Kevin, My husband and I are off to church this morning, but I just wanted to thank you for your time and kindness in our CCW class yesterday. I came away feeling much more confident, safer, and more prepared. My husband REALLY thanks you! 

12-28-15: Kevin is a top notch instructor who neither sugar coats nor exaggerates the reality of what you are about to get into. He is honest and straight forward. His prices are fair for both services and materials. Would definitely go back to Arms to Bear.  Michael M. 

12-24-15: Prepared to have a great experience and learning a lot about firearms, law, etc 

12-11-15: The facility is nice and Comfy The instructor, Kevin Roth, is very knowledgeable Does a good job of covering some very dry material. He has anecdotes and scenarios that sort of break things up and help you to understand the laws. Pete, that runs the range (Range Safety Officer) is great. It is a mobile facility but well taken care of I would highly recommend Arms to Bear for earning a Concealed Carry Weapon permit. Ginny Z

11-28-15: Kevin is great! He is there to make sure that we are informed and really does a good job. Great Class....we have signed up to take his advanced course

Hello Kevin, First off, I wanted to thank you for the CCW class instruction this weekend.  This was a  very informative class and I learned a great deal.  Even already having a CCW did not prepare me for the level of information that I received from your class.  I am hoping to extend my education on the subject further with an advanced class once I free up some more time.  With this said I also want to thank you for the specific range instruction you gave to my fiancé (Brittany).  We will be finding her a firearm that fits her hands better and practicing at the range as soon as time permits. Secondly, I didn’t have a chance to ask you if you would mind me sending you students your way whenever I have a chance.  I work a Security Consultant and try to apply what I have learned about security to every situation I come in contact with.  I try to not limit my knowledge to just alarm products and practices, and spread awareness of personal safety/security wherever I can.  This comes into focus in the beginning portion of your class.  Keeping your doors locked, putting dowels in the windows, using deadbolt devices, being personally ready for an attack, and etc.  If you’re ever in need of a consultant we offer burglar alarms, fire alarms, CCTV, and home audio services.  Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you. Rodney R.

3-20-16: Kevin is extremely knowledgeable and teaches in a way that all skill levels can comprehend. I would definitely recommend Arms to Bear. They offer many different classes and I intend on taking more. Michael P

2-17-16: Took this class with my wife. It was great. There were many couples taking the class with us. Kevin was great with the ladies.











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