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Nevada requires a minimum of 8 hours for the ccw class. Therefore, both evening classes must be attended unless you are attending for a Nevada renewal. Renewals only require a 4 hour class which is done on the 1st half of a two night class. If attending on a Saturday for renewal you need to attend the 1st half of the class finishing about 12:30pm. Please complete the form below to reserve for a class.

Make sure and answer all the questions with yes or no answers only where applicable. Each student must complete the form individually. If upgrading to a multi-state class you can do so by paying a $35 upgrade fee at the time of class registration (required). Please call 775-770-4961 with payment information. If we do not receive the call with payment information your reservation will not be confirmed and you could loose your seat. If you are reserving for a different type of training class please indicate so on the form below under type of training. 

Be aware, If you have a discounted voucher for class and the promotional value has expired you will be required to pay the additional $50 fee to attend the Nevada portion for a ccw class. You will still be able to apply the purchase price of your voucher to the normal price of the class. Example ($85-$35=Balance Due of $50).

Effective immediately all students not having a discount coupon or voucher will be required to pay a $25 non-refundable good faith deposit before your reservation will be confirmed.

Important! Students must understand that classes might be cancelled without notice due to weather or other circumstances beyond our control. We make every reasonable effort to contact students in advance to cancelling of any classes. Any reservation cancelled will automatically be extended without cost or penalties.  This includes all vouchers and coupons.

Be Aware! Multi-State Permit Class Does Not Include California. If you are a Non-Resident, Per the California Penal Code you can Not Obtain a California Permit to carry a concealed firearm.

Important Notice, New Policy, Effective Immediately. All discount vouchers will be redeemed when your reservation is submitted. If students do not show up for class their voucher will be forfeited. No refunds will be issued after your reservation has been received. You may still reschedule your class with the minimum 48 hr advanced notice. This is due to students not showing up for class on a regular basis and us loosing revenue due to vacant seats that could have been filled by students that actually want to come to class. We apologize for taking such a stance but this has been happening for a couple of years now and we just can no longer absorb these losses and continue to offer promotional deals.

Thank You,

Be Advised no classes will be offered in August due to Instructors being out of town for training. We use the month of August to send our Instructors for training to operate and train our students the best skills and tactics possible.  

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Upon receipt of the completed class reservation form a confirmation email will be sent to you including all the class details, example (items needed, times & location) etc. Keep in mind, per the discount voucher promotion, all ammunition must be purchased from us due to permitting requirements by Washoe County Environmental Agency for our range (no exceptions).

Kevin Roth

Senior Defensive Firearms Instructor

Questions: 775-770-4961

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Basic Pistol Ccw Class 8:00am-6:pm
















Next Upcoming Class will Be February, 9th, 2019


Weather Permitting !! 

Firearms Training Fees:

Advanced Defensive Handgun One $150

Advanced Defensive Handgun Two $170

Advanced Defensive Handgun Three $190

Nevada New Permit Class $85 (8 hours Minimum Class Time)

Nevada Renewal Permit Class $65 (4 hours Minimum Class Time)

Multi-State Class (FL, NV, NH, OR, Utah ) Included $110

Utah (New Permit Only) $85 (4 hours Minimum Class Time)

Florida, Oregon, New Hampshire, Utah (Add On) $65 (4 hrs Min Class Time)

Private Training Available  $65 Hour (2 Hour Minimum)

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Students, Please complete your reservation for class via our training schedule page
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